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10 Reasons To Love Cats

I love cats and these are my reasons why.

It should come to no surprise to anyone who knows me but I am obsessed with cats. I have two cats of my own named Tinker Bell and Sullivan. I love them with all of my heart and I want to share with everyone why I think cats are the best.

1. Cat snuggles

Having a nice, warm cat snuggle up on my lap will always be the best feeling in the world. I love when a cat snuggles on my lap in the winter because I suddenly have my own personal heater.

2. Purrs

I love the sound of a cat purring. It is so precious. Plus when a cat purrs while you are petting him or her, it means that they love you. Who doesn't want to be loved by a cat?

3. Kitty paws

When I am petting my cat and they start to kneed at me with their little paws, I want to cry tears of joy. Have you ever seen a kitty paw? They are the cutest little thing in existence.

4. Cats are softies

I know that some people think cats don't like anyone but themselves, but that is not the case. My cats love to snuggle and they love to play with my two-year-old niece. Cats and kids together is a weakness of mine.

5. Cats love to play

I love to watch my cats run up and down the stairs while chasing each other. Plus, cats love yarn and that is the most magical toy ever to them. Plus, cats in boxes are adorable.

6. Talks with cats

Cats all have a cute little meow and they are all unique. The best part is sometimes when you talk to them, they will meow right back at you. Who doesn't like having conversations with a fluffy kitty?

7. Kitty kisses

Have you ever felt a cat's tongue? Because if not, you need to experience it. Kitty tongues feel like soft sandpaper. Oh, did I mention kitties love to give kisses? So you get many of them. Literally if we set up a kitty kissing booth, we could solve world hunger.

8. Cats are weird 

Good news— cats are just as weird as people are. So if you are a weird human, you can share stories with your new, weird cat. I mean, cats will just jump at anything and for some reason, my one cat loves Doritos. See, your cat will make you feel less weird.

9. Kittens

Have you seen the little fluff balls that are kittens? I literally can't even when I see a small baby kitty and I just want to take them all home. Plus, kittens have the cutest little meow and they will claim you because they are young and think you are their mommy or daddy. Basically, kittens are the best children to have.

10. Cats are diverse like us

Cats come in a different shapes, sizes, hair types and colors. Cats are just as unique as people are and every cat has its own personality. You are sure to find the purrfect cat for you.

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