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Sleeping Cat Wine Marker  - Grr Cats

Sleeping Cat Wine Marker

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For the crazy cat lover who throws equally crazy parties! These Sleeping Cat wine charms will help you remember which glass is yours - and which is your cat's! If you're a frequent entertainer, you know all too well how easily wine glasses can get mixed up. It's like musical chairs, except with glasses - and no one knows they're playing. The Sleeping Cat Wine Markers are the purrfect solution to the wine glass mix-up. These kitty-cat wine glass charms are a blend of form, function and fun; made of silicone, they fit easily around the base of any stemware, from wine glasses to champagne flutes. 


Sleeping Cat Wine Marker Includes:

    • 1 Pack containing 6 color-coded wine markers so you'll never mix up your drinks again
    • The purrfect fit for any stemware, from wine glasses to champagne flutes 


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